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Bear Note-taking: an iOS App Review:

Bear is a new note-taking application for iOS and Mac. It aims to be an Evernote rival - offering a clean, and friendly note-taking experience with very text focused ...

KORG iM1 App Review - Sweetwater's iOS Update, Vol. 105

Korg's M1 digital synthesizer is back in the iM1 synth app. You get all of the original preset sounds from the original M1, plus sounds from Korg's T1 as well.

iGrand Piano - iOS App Review

Facebook: Twitter: If you own an iOS device and a digital piano or MIDI keyboard, ...

Awesome Note iPad App Review

SALE TODAY: Learn Piano on iOS Awesome Note by Brid Works is an ...

iOS App of The Week: TETRIS (Review)

We're bringing you the best iOS apps for iPhone and iPod Touch every week on TLD. This week Elly takes a look at TETRIS which is currently $.99 US in the ...

Review - Reddit Official App for iOS and Android

Android: iOS: Reddit has released their first official application for browsing Reddit. === SOCIAL ...

App Review - Scanner Pro - Document Scanner for iOS & Android

In this video I take a look at Scanner Pro for iOS & Android. This app retails for $4 on the App Store. I use this app everyday to scan all my store receipts.

New Samsung Gear S iOS App Review/ New Gear S2 Update

Today the Gear S and Gear Fit apps were released for iOS today by Samsung. Now you can use the Gear fit2 and Gear S2 and Gear S3 on iPhones officialy.

App Gems: Pocket Casts Review - Podcast App for iOS, Android, and Web

Android: (Affiliate link) / iPhone: - I am starting a new infrequent segment where I share some of my favorte mobile apps.

Hours 1.0 iOS App: Time Tracking Tool!

Hours 1.0 App is a great way to use time tracking on your iOS device SUMMARY NOTES: 1. Paul Minors interviews Anthony Guana: ...

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